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Sanitize Your Building From Top to Bottom

Hire us for COVID-19 cleaning services in Dunn, Surf City, Richlands, Sanford and Jacksonville, NC

Whether your business has been directly affected by the Coronavirus or not, sanitizing your building can help stop the spread of COVID-19. Harris Cleaning Services, LLC can sanitize your entire building room by room using an Electrostatic Sprayer. Our sprayers cover every surface of your building and dry out all infectious bacteria and viruses. The equipment is designed to provide the best coverage by wrapping the spray around every surface it is applied to. Our process allows us to use fewer chemicals and achieve the same level of sanitization.

We work with small businesses throughout Dunn, Surf City, Richlands, Sanford, and Jacksonville, NC to provide full-service COVID-19 cleaning. We will do everything we can to make sure your office building is safe for employees and guests.

We recommend scheduling regular disinfection services to decrease the risk of exposure to viruses such as COVID-19. Please give us a call today!

Our Electrostatic Spraying Solutions

A dynamic approach to commercial sanitation

During these times, typical cleaning procedures aren’t enough to keep your business clean and sanitized. Our advanced cleaning technologies are just part of what sets our business apart. Harris Cleaning Services offers professional COVID-19 cleaning and can sanitize your business. Trust our professionals to...

  • Wear protective gear to safeguard themselves and your property
  • Clean and Sanitize all surfaces in the building
  • Finish our cleaning and sanitization process in less time than ordinary sanitization procedures
  • Help with sanitizing viruses such as influenza and MRSA
  • Effectively clean and sanitize all hard to reach places and high traffic areas

Get professional sanitation services during this difficult time. Contact us today for COVID-19 cleaning and electrostatic disinfection in Dunn, Surf City, Richlands, Sanford and Jacksonville, NC.